Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't I receive my tickets by email?

Billy uses NFT and blockchain technology to guarantee each ticket is truly unique and to allow you to resell them safely. No more PDFs received by email. These tickets are now digital works of art to collect as a souvenir of your event.

How to access your tickets?

At Billy, your bills are stored in a wallet (or digital safe). If you don't already have one, Billy automatically creates one for you using your email address. To access your tickets, you have 3 options:
- add your tickets to your Apple/Google wallet at the time of purchase
- connect to the web application: go to the "my tickets" tab and click on one of them to see your QRCode
- or download "Billy" mobile application on IOS or Android.

I did not received an invitation for an event

Please check your spam folder to see if you have not received anything.
In case of problems, contact us at We'd be happy to help

What is an NFT?

NFT is the acronym for "Non fungible token". It is a unique and unforgeable digital asset (image, video, music, ticket...) authenticated thanks to the blockchain.

What is a wallet?

A wallet is a digital safe that allows you to securely store your crypto-currencies and NFTs. If you don't already have one, Billy will automatically create one for you when you create your account using your email address.

How does Billy guarantee the authenticity of tickets sold and resold?

Billy uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of each ticket and ensures that each ticket is unique.

Which blockchain does Billy use?

Billy has chosen Polygon (EVM) and Tezos. These are two eco-responsible blockchains with a limited carbon footprint thanks to the use of block validation called "Proof Of Stake". This reduces the network's carbon footprint by 99% compared to those who use "Proof Of Work" validation like Bitcoin.

What if I run out of battery power, how do I access an event?

No problem, just give us your email address at the entrance. The organizer will be able to find you in his database.

Can I pay in euros or in crypto-currency on Billy?

You can pay by credit card, Apple pay, Google pay. If the organizer wishes, he can also accept payment in crypto but it is up to him to choose. Unlike many web3 marketplaces, you do not need crypto currency to buy tickets on Billy.

I have an additional question or need help, what should I do?

If you have additional questions or need help, you can contact us at Our help center would be happy to help.